Top 10 Taxidermy Mounts That Won’t Break the Bank

Unique Taxidermy Mounts to Add to Your Collection

If you’re a hunter or taxidermist, it’s a safe bet you enjoy looking at wildlife. And if you can’t get outside and see them in the flesh, sometimes the mounted versions will have to do. If your idea of interior decorating involves lots of antlers, we commend you. But as impressive as a wall full of whitetail deer mounts is, sometimes it’s nice to add a little diversity to spice things up. Here are 10 taxidermy mounts you can include in your living room that won’t cost an arm and a leg to get. And they’ll help add some realism to the whole wildlife display you’ve got. Before long, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the woods even though you’re still in your armchair.

Top 10 Taxidermy Mounts to Add to Your Collection 

If you’re looking for a way to add some more taxidermy mounts to your collection, look no further than the options below. They are all included in the Ohio Taxidermy Supply taxidermy catalog. If you’re looking for an especially neat taxidermy mount, add some realistic nature touches or combine a prey species with a predator mount, which tells a story all on its own.

1. PheasantMounts 

Whether you were lucky enough to bag a rooster with a super long tail or you just like the look of their feathers, adding a pheasant mount to your wall is a great touch. A flying taxidermy form showcases its tail feathers and can be combined with a predator ambushing it for one of the most dramatic taxidermy mounts you can find.



2. Grouse Mounts 

If you live for fall in the grouse woods, one way to keep that spirit and passion alive throughout the year is to collect and display the tail fans. We’ve got taxidermy supplies to help you with that. But if you want to step it up even further, consider getting a full body grouse mount so you can add to your fall décor. A real showstopper is to get one in the drumming position, so you can add leaves and moss around its feet for an even more realistic pose.


 3. Waterfowl – Wood Duck Mounts 

As a waterfowl hunter, you likely see and harvest many different species throughout the fall. But one of the coolest looking ducks out there has got to be the miniature-sized wood duck. Even if taxidermy birds don’t interest you that much, a drake wood duck is sure to earn your admiration.


4. Red Fox Mounts 

If you’ve never tried trapping before or haven’t had a reason to do it, getting a red fox mount is a great reason to try it. They are breathtakingly beautiful up close as-is, but their fur can vary a lot between different phases. Getting a silver fox color phase, for example, would make a very striking mount.


5. Gray FoxMounts 

The gray fox is another canine with beautiful fur, but their tails are the real showpiece. You could easily add natural touches (e.g., branches, leaves, etc.) to make it seem like it’s right there in the room with you. Since gray foxes can climb trees, you could have it walking on a log.


6. Coyote Mounts 

If you’ve got a farm, it’s likely you have to deal with these canine competitors pretty often. While some people view them as vermin, there’s no denying they are attractive to look at. If you’re lucky enough to take a good sized male, why not add him to the collection?


7. Fisher Mounts 

Like the foxes above, you probably haven’t had a reason to take a fisher before if you don’t already trap for fur. But these powerful members of the weasel family are essentially one step down from a wolverine, and they’ve got a lot of character. If you find one in your trap one day, don’t waste the opportunity to have it mounted.


8. Bobcat Mounts 

Similar to the coyotes, you might have a long history with controlling bobcats on your property. Since most people aren’t used to seeing a taxidermy bobcat up close, why not add one to your taxidermy mounts so everyone can see just how cool these overgrown house cats are.


9. Raccoon Mounts 

Most people discard raccoons as pests, but they are pretty comical to look at with their little bandit masks and nimble paws. Adding one of these to your display helps round out the nature scene. 

10. Skunk Mounts 

Most people probably wouldn’t even think about harvesting a skunk to mount it. But hear us out. We all have that one family member who would be just perfect to play a prank on. If they stay the night at your house, slip this mount into their room at night and wait for the hilarity to ensue. Don’t pass up golden opportunities like this.


These 10 taxidermy mounts will help add some realism to the whole wildlife display you’ve got. Before long, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the woods even though you’re still in your armchair! Check out the other taxidermy mounts and taxidermy supplies from OTS below!

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