By Bryan Eppley

A renowned sculptor and owner of Ohio Taxidermy Supply, Bryan Eppley started taxidermy in 1974. After a period of doing taxidermy he realized a lack of quality in the forms. Soon after, he started sculpting his own for personal use. In time many local taxidermists also started purchasing them for their business. Bryan quickly recognized this as a new opportunity and in 1983 he founded Buckeye Mannikins. Ge took his first mannikin to the 1983 World Taxidermy championships and won best in world mannikin. In 1984 he won best in worl mannikin and best in world synthetic gamehead sculpture. Since that time Bryan has sculpted numerous sculptures of most North American gameheads. Specializing in whitetail, Bryan now holds 14 Best of Category titles at the World Taxidermy Championships, winning every time he has ever entered except once. In 2008 he founded Ohio Taxidermy Supply and has been sculpting since, trying to bring to the industry the most accurate and lifelike whitetail form sthe industry has ever seen.