By Mike Nakielski

Mike Nakielski started doing taxidermy with the help of his dad in 1991 at the age ten. He started competing in 1995 and had competed every year since then.

Throughout those years of tough competition he had gained so much knowledge from the many judges and fellow competitors in the competition arena..

Mike has earned numerour awards throughout the ears, and in 2016  he won five breakthrough awards for Judges Choice Best of Show, and National Taxidermist of the Year, among several other prestigous awards.

Mike has now sculpted his own mannikins and burd heads that meet his standards and are available exclusively through Ohio Taxidermy Supply. the universal bodies are easy to use with accurate anchor points for leg placement, and positive wing set when leaving the ball on the humerous bone. the heads were cast form fresh specimens and have the utmost realism. Give them a try on your next bird mount!