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We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our friends and customers for your continued support through the past years and years to come. It is greatly appreciated!

Our company continues to grow at a very rapid rate. Inflation, availability of people, raw materials, and processes (same as many businesses) have been a challenge to keep up with. We are adding to the workforce whenever good candidates become available and have been setting up the process, in our production and shipping, to keep back orders and mistakes to the minimum.

Despite all the struggles, shortages, and the economy's inflation, we are trying to help you in many improved ways. For instance, we are currently offering free shipping, through this website, in an effort to help our customers save money. We will offer free shipping on all eligible orders over $1,000, here on our website. We are extending this offer, through our website, for efficiency and labor savings. This allows for us to pass the savings back to you!

Our goals are to keep production timely and prompt, with the focus being on customer satisfaction. We continue to accomplish our goals by increasing our product line options, becoming more efficient in our production process daily, and improving our shipping times greatly.

Again, we appreciate your patience and thank you for the prayers and encouragement. Wishing everybody the best season in Jesus' name our Lord, Savior and Healer. All glory to him!

May God continue to bless you in Jesus' name.


Bryan, Mindy, Rudy, Shelby, Sanibel, and Atlas