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We would like to thank all our friends and customers for your support in the past year's and year's to come; It is greatly appreciated

The company continues to grow at a very fast rate. Inflation, availability of people, raw materials, and processes, as with many businesses, have been challenge to keep up with. We are adding to the workforce whenever good candidate's are available and setting up process in our production and shipping to keep back orders and mistakes minimal.

Despite all struggles, shortages, and inflation in today's economy, we are trying to help you in many improved ways We are currently offering free shipping through this website. In an effort to help our customers save money, we will offer the free shipping on every eligible order over $1,000 here on the website. We are extending this offer through the website only due to efficiencies and labor savings of the website. Through these efficiencies we are able to pass the savings back to you.

As another token of appreciation to our customers, we are holding an Customer Appreciation event July 13th-15th 2023. We will look to have games, activities, shop tours, seminars, discounts, prizes, food, bands and so much more. This will be a free event to all our customers and their families. We have rented our county fairgrounds and are making plans with the local hotels and businesses to give you the best and most rewarding experience while you are here. Save the date and keep a lookout in the mail or on here for ore details on this event.

Our goals are to keep production timely and prompt with the focus being on our customers satisfaction. We believe we are accomplishing our goals as we increase our product line options, become more efficient in our production, and have improved our shipping times greatly.

Again, we appreciate your patience and thank you for the prayers and encouragement.

Wishing everybody the best season in Jesus name our Lord, Savior and Healer. All glory to him.

May God continue to bless you in Jesus name.


Bryan, Mindy, Rudy, Shelby, Sanibel, and Atlas